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Master the Art of Hanging Wallpaper Border Like a Boss

by suntech

Are you tired of your walls looking as dull as a wet weekend in Newcastle? Well, fear not, my friend! I’m here to teach you how to hang wallpaper border like an absolute pro. So grab your tools and get ready to transform those boring walls into something that will make everyone say “bloody hell!”

Get Your Shit Together: Preparing for Battle

Before you dive headfirst into this DIY project, you need to gather all the bloody materials. Get yourself some high-quality wallpaper border (none of that cheap shite), a tape measure, scissors sharp enough to cut through steel, and a bucketload of patience.

Measure the length of your wall and add an extra foot or two just in case – trust me on this one. Ain’t nothing worse than running out of bloody wallpaper halfway through the job. Once you’ve got everything sorted, clear the area like it’s judgement day because we’re about to get down and dirty!

The Battle Begins: Applying the Wallpaper Border

All right, mate! It’s time for action. Start by cleaning your wall with soap and water – no half-arsed attempts allowed here! You want that wall squeaky clean before slapping on any wallpaper border.

Dip your brush into some adhesive glue (make sure it’s sticky enough to trap flies) and apply it evenly along the backside of the border. Don’t be stingy with that glue; we want this shit sticking like there’s no tomorrow!

Carefully align one end of the border with either a corner or another piece if you’re going for multiple strips (you fancy bugger!). Smooth out any air bubbles using a damp cloth or sponge – we don’t want any lumps and bumps ruining our masterpiece.

Finishing Touches: The Grand Finale

You’re almost there, my friend! Once you’ve applied all the strips of wallpaper border, step back and admire your handiwork. If you spot any loose ends or edges that need a bit of extra love, grab your scissors and trim them like a boss.

Now it’s time to clean up the battlefield. Wipe away any excess glue with a damp cloth (or your sleeve if you can’t be arsed) and let the border dry for at least 24 hours before inviting anyone over to marvel at your newfound DIY skills.

In Conclusion: You’re Now a Bloody Wallpaper Border Pro!

Congratulations, mate! You’ve successfully learned how to hang wallpaper border like an absolute legend. Your walls will never be boring again – they’ll scream “Geordie pride” louder than Alan Shearer scoring a goal at St James’ Park!

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