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Banking Deserts: A Sh*tstorm for Your Wallet (and How to Survive it)

by suntech

Yo, listen up! We gotta talk about these damn banking deserts and how they’re screwing us over. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the treacherous terrain of financial f*ckery.

The Vicious Cycle of Banking Deserts

Picture this: you’re living in the concrete jungle known as New York City, hustling day in and day out. But guess what? You find yourself stranded in a goddamn banking desert! What the actual f*ck is that? Well, my friend, it’s when there ain’t no banks or credit unions within reach of your sorry ass.

This sh*tstorm creates a vicious cycle where people are forced to rely on predatory payday lenders or sketchy check-cashing joints just to access their hard-earned cash. And let me tell ya, those vultures will bleed you dry with their sky-high interest rates and hidden fees.

But hold up! It gets even worse for our Native American brothers and sisters. They’ve been dealing with these banking deserts since way before it became trendy. Reservations across the country have been left high and dry without any decent financial services nearby.

Fighting Back Against Financial F*ckery

Now that we know what kind of sh*tshow we’re dealing with here, let’s talk about how to survive this mess. First things first – don’t panic! There are still some options available if you find yourself stuck in one of these barren wastelands.

One option is online banking – yeah, I know it sounds scary AF but hear me out. Online banks like Chime or Varo can hook you up with a checking account and even offer some sweet perks like early direct deposit. Plus, they usually don’t charge those bullsh*t monthly fees that traditional banks love to slap on your sorry ass.

Another option is joining a credit union. These bad boys are all about the community and often have more lenient requirements for opening an account. Plus, they’re not out to screw you over like those big corporate banks – it’s all about people helping people, my friend.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Let ‘Em F*ck You Over

In conclusion, banking deserts are a major pain in the *ss for anyone trying to navigate the financial landscape. But fear not! With online banking and credit unions as your trusty sidekicks, you can survive this sh*tstorm without getting f*cked over by predatory lenders.

So remember, my fellow warriors of finance – stay vigilant, stay informed, and never let these banking deserts bring you down. Together we can overcome any obstacle thrown our way!

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